Smore API Help

OAuth2 Authentication


OAuth2 is an open standard for authorization that allows users to authorize third-party applications to access their data without providing their username and password to the third-party application. You can learn more about OAuth2 here. Smore currently supports the OAuth2 authorization code flow.

OAuth2 Authorization Code Flow

When your application needs to access a user's Smore account data, your application will initiate the OAuth2 authorization code flow. This process includes the following steps:

  1. Your application redirects the user to Smore's authorization page, which will ask the user to authorize your application to access their data.

  2. After the user authorizes your application, Smore will redirect the user back to your application with an authorization code.

  3. Your application uses the authorization code to request an access token from Smore.

  4. Smore will return an access token and a refresh token to your application.

  5. Your application uses the access token to access Smore's API.

  6. When the access token expires, your application should use the refresh token to request a new access token.

Last modified: 08 December 2023